Have you ever wondered how these Big Giant companies like AppleAmazonTitanBMWMercedesSamsungSony can have so many customers worldwide? Why do people from absolutely different cultural background from all over the world want to buy the same Coca-Cola which was even first being sold as just medicine? Are they really lucky than others or do they know some kind of magic!!?.

Let’s say, If you want to build a company which sells premium high end sports products only for Women Cricketers, and want it to be the market leader in this segment, is there any proven way to beat even Nike, the name which even a 10years old cricketer knows from his childhood days of playing cricket? If you are someone who wants his or her products or services to be bought by millions and across the globe, first you need to know the truth behind these fairy tale stories of these Ultra-successful Multi Billion Companies…

For any product and services to be successful, there should be people who are ready to use them, to make their life better or solve some kind of existing problem in their life. The way of creating a deep and meaningful relationship with the existing and potential user of your products and services is called marketing. It is the arts and science of building a strong emotional connection between the Consumer and the Product. Steve Jobs used to say… “Marketing is about values. It’s a complicated and noisy world, and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us.”

You cannot create thebest Value for Money Product without understanding your existing and potential customers. One of the most important reasons for marketing is to understand the existing and potential user’s mind very well. You must have a solid answer & proper understanding of these 8 questions about the users of your product, to become a Market Leader…

What exactly do they want?

What do they think about their product?

What are their pain points?

Why would they spend their money to buy your product?

How much & how long can they spend?

What demotivates them from buying your product?

Where would they find your product?

How is the life of all the stakeholders of your product going to change?

Peter Drucker used to say, “The aim of marketing is to know and understand your customer so well, the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

5+1 Secrets of Marketing of You Must Know:

1. Good Marketing is all about good communication. Marketing not just helps people discover the product, but also have a good perception about the product, it always leaves a feel good image in the mind of people. (Ex- Nike, Apple)

2. A great product converts your Customers into Brand Ambassadors. They spontaneously go and tell their family and friends about the amazing experience they had while using the product & recommend them strongly.

3. Word of Mouth marketing is the best channel of marketing. As Aristotle said thousands of years ago “we all are social animal”, we always try to find out what other people are doing & thinking? Often our behaviour is largely dependent on other’s behaviour.

4.Advertising is a marketing tactic involving paying for space to promote a product, service, or cause. Most advertising is directed towards groups rather than individuals and delivered through the most effective media options available. It is a very old form of promotion with roots that go back even to ancient times. Advertising has its own role in marketing but it is certainly not the only one.

5 Sales is also one of the components of marketing. The buying experience matters a lot in the mind of people and usually they are going to remember it for a longer duration of time and it motivates or demotivates them in their future purchases and also in their recommendations to others.

6Product is rooted in reality, so never let marketing become more important than the product, because a great product sells itself.

The Magic of Brand:

The brand essentially is the feeling and association that the people would either perceive or feel related to their brand and the central repository for all those feelings and associations and perceptions is their logo, their organization, what people feel about an organization will have a huge impact and influence on whether their marketing is working or not working. Marketing without Branding is an incomplete journey.

Branding gives an organization a fighting chance to continue to do business with existing customers and an opportunity to attract new customers. It gives the opportunity for the people who work for the organization to feel good about what they do daily and the feeling that they are working with an entity that has good values, good quality, good service.

For an Organization, they must have a clear idea what are the feelings, associations, personalities and voices they want to be associated with their business because the same right perception is going to attract people with the same kind of quality that they want from the product. Business can be done more faster, more readily, at higher margin and steady business volume can be attained with the help of Branding

Brand is failed to connect with the marketplace

How Traditional Marketing is being done in India

One of the best ways of marketing is through TV ads, which can reach millions at a low cost and India has TVs in 197 million homes. TV has a reach of 800 million to 1 Billion people. People less than 30years of age nowadays, hardly watch TV except Sports, so to reach out to Indian young consumer it might not be a good medium in these days.

Radio has a reach of 65% of the Indian Population. You can do any necessary task while listening to the radio, like driving, cooking, jogging, studying etc because we don’t need to pay attention to see something. It always has a constant market reach. Nowadays due to availability of Audio Books and online streaming service it is increasing gaining more popularity and according to few insightful people this is going to be the next big thing in the upcoming few years for reaching people. Many young people are developing habits to listen to these online streaming audio services, which are by the way knows as Podcast and successful marketing campaign could be organized using these podcast services.

Newspaper has a reach of 65% of the Indian Population and its also has a constant reach. But just like TV, this too, is also loosing popularity in young Indians. They can easily search it on Google withing 5 seconds instead of wasting 20 minutes in a newspaper with other unnecessary news article of different topics. On web they can check the same news article from more than one source instead of searching it from one single source. So reading newspaper is not a cool thing for a young Indian these days.


Digital marketing is the best medium to reach the affluent English Speaking & young Indian population in India with spending power. Digital Marketing has a reach of near 100 million users. Most of the young Indians are on the internet these days. There would be hardly anyone above the age group of 15, who do not use the Internet once a day.also, because of cheap mobile smartphone prices & very very affordable mobile data plan the reach has become extremely huge. No other country has this much mobile data consumption that India has.

In majority of cases parents usually ask their kids to decide which product to buy when they get confused and certainly when kids want to have an Idea about a product they always search it on the Internet to figure out the alternative options, the pros and cons, the price, reviews of a particular product. So even if the buyer is not on the Internet, they indirectly take help before buying something and this makes this medium super unique which no other medium can offer.

E Commerce companies like Flipkart, Amazon have shifted the habit of consumerism. Because of less availability of time people are preferring to buy online. They also get various kinds of alternatives of a particular product. With the help of Digital marketing the product sold in these E commerce companies can reach millions of Indian while they are searching casually on the web.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing which one you should you choose?

Most people who runs ads do not know if the ads work or not. Marketing executives in big companies run branding campaigns which do not give specific and measurable results. Increased brand awareness is not measurable. Direct response marketing helps businesses to take action depending on the result of the activity.

In the traditional way of marketing it is very tough to achieve direct response marketing. But in Digital marketing this could be done effortlessly. We can track how many free brochures have been downloaded. We can also get an idea how many people are watching our ads and what is the conversion ratio, where we are doing geat and where we are not!

In 2021, Digital marketing would be a much efficient way of doing direct response marketing than the traditional ways.


First, lets talk about some basic concepts and terminology, what they mean and all.

Niche: This is the area of speciality that any business makes a product for. Success and wealth depends on the niche you choose.

Content: Something which has been creed to convey a particular message or information. Content can be Blog Posts, Videos , Lead Magnets, Live Webinar.

Attention: Attention is going to be the most valuable thing in the upcoming years. People’s behaviour is dependent on what they pay attention to and how much they pay attention to. Marketing is grabbing the attention of the audience using the content via SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads and Referrals.

Trust: We as a human being always value trust more than anything.We feel secure and comfortable in a trustworthy environment. In Digital Marketing trust can be built in the mind of the audience with trip wires, marketing automation and retargeting.

Transaction: Whenever there is exchange of values, information, commodities, wealth between two more parties, it is called a transaction. Many Transactions could be subtle but very very important to build a long term relationship. In Digital marketing one of the amazing types of transactions is converting your leads into customers with a natural sales method.

Now wealth could be easily created using all the five concepts effectively. There is a hypothetical formula that gives an idea how much wealth can be created if one follows the methodology: Wealth= n^CATT

Here n denotes niche which is the most important, C denotes Content, A denotes attention, T denotes trust, another T denotes Transaction. You first have to choose a good niche then you multiply the entire effectiveness using CATT. Right niche should resonates well with your talent, you should feel passionate about something to work in that niche and there should be enough marketing opportunities in that niche also.

Do you know Digital Marketing is only effective if it is done in well Integrated way:

There are many ways to digital marketing and each has its own reach and effectiveness but when all these are done in a coherent way it turns out to be a real superpower. First lets see the few effective bits and parts of Digital Marketing and then we would dig deeper to go into it.

  • Email Marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Content marketing
  • SEO

Integrated digital marketing blends all aspects of marketing communications to understand how each interaction and engagement leads to a smooth experience for consumers. Every interaction is not bound to sales. But, every interaction must push customers to move ahead in the buyer’s journey. Implement the following vital elements when creating your next digital strategy.

A person might get interested in some product in our chosen niche, then there is a strong possibility that he or she might start looking for content. He or she would first search it on web engines but as there is lots of content available on the web it’s hard to reach the content created by a specific person or brand. Then he or she would search it on popular social media ads to find an expert. There they would find some experts and then they would search again on web engines for the contents created by those experts and find few of them. There is another option they could reach to a specific content through a paid advertisement. After going through the content he or she might have some kind of perception and trust.

Now to get further updates he or she might subscribe to a free newsletter while checking out the content. Now here comes the role of Email Marketing which could be used to convey the right message to the right group of people for marketing. Now gradually trust is being built through timely authentic emails.

A lot of interaction could be performed with the existing and potential customer by doing live webinar and a deep emotional connection could be created while regular conversation on social media. The requirements of the customer can also be understood and products could be designed to perfectly match the market requirement.

Now as trust is grown for a particular content creator search engine’s algorithm will drive more and more traffic to the content, resulting in more and more market reach and potential customers.

All of these components would lead to a trustworth perception about the brand and the content creator, resulting natural effortless sales which is he ultimate goal of marketing.

Why Personal Branding is absolutely necessary ingredients in the Mass Trust Blueprint:

It is often said, the best known will always beat the best and people want to hear from people and not from a hypothetical entity or brand. Personal branding helps to create deep meaningful relationships with the audience, it always gives them a feeling that they know this person, his or her idea resonates with me and I can trust him or her and can buy products from his or her company and it will be the best deal for me. Like Elon Mask has a bigger following than his Billion Dollar Startups Tesla SpaceX. It also helps to attract investors much more easily. Personal Brand also helps to start new company effortlessly because the audience already has deep relationship with the founder.

6 Steps to develop a personal Brand:

First learn a new skill.

Then work and gain some experience

Next, create valuable content about what you have learned and what personal experience you have in that field.

Then, go and consult other people who need help.

Then you can mentor instead of counseling to reach out to the masses.

Finally you are ready to start with your own products and services with the understanding of the market and the real problem of the people and people already know and trust you as an expert in this field.

Now you are ready to become a market leader in the women’s cricket product industry. You have a brand, you know well about your existing and potential customers, they trust you a lot and have deep meaningful relationships.This is 2027 and I would like to congratulate you, because women cricketers now have the name of your company in their mind instead of Nike. Your company has become

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